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Owen & Associates, LLC Blog: home insurance

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Many homeowners simply renew the same home insurance policy year after year. But while this is an easy option, it may cause you to miss out on savings opportunities. Plus, your assets and risks may have changed from one year to the next. As a result, the policy you continue to renew with the same insurer may no longer truly meet your needs. READ MORE >>

Home renovations are very common during the summer months when homeowners typically have more flexibility in their schedule and contractors can complete projects quickly due to better weather. Although renovating your home is an exciting process, homeowners must be informed about the potential risk to their homeowners insurance. READ MORE >>

It's no surprise that a home security system greatly reduces your chance of a break-in, which is why many people are willing to invest in one for their house. Depending on your needs, newer technology means some facets of security can be easily installed by the homeowner. READ MORE >>

The fall and winter seasons often bring storms that can cause tree limbs to fall onto power lines. Sometimes the extent of the damage is severe enough to cause power outages that last for days. Getting through these require advanced preparation on the homeowner's part. The following tips will help you ride out a power outage. READ MORE >>

If your insurance policies are about to renew, there's no better time to sit down with your independent insurance agent and review your policies. Many people just pay their premiums year after year, and never really know whether they have adequate coverage. READ MORE >>

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