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There are more deaths related to prescription drug than deaths related to heroin and cocaine combined. Prescription drug abuse is an epidemic that’s preventable; however, it’s easy to overlook. To be clear, prescription drug abuse is when someone uses a prescription drug in a way that conflicts with the prescribing doctor’s recommendation. READ MORE >>

Many homeowners simply renew the same home insurance policy year after year. But while this is an easy option, it may cause you to miss out on savings opportunities. Plus, your assets and risks may have changed from one year to the next. As a result, the policy you continue to renew with the same insurer may no longer truly meet your needs. READ MORE >>

Do you have a set time to review your life insurance policy each year? Life insurance is a staple within your family’s financial strategy, so you want to make sure that your policy is in order. The following are things you should review each year to ensure your policy allocation is right. READ MORE >>

Slips and falls are some of the most common types of liability risks for businesses. The problem is that they can occur for various reasons, some of which may be hard to prevent. A customer may spill coffee and then slip on it. Are you responsible for their injuries? READ MORE >>

Saving money where you can makes sense for everyone. With the costs of everything creeping up, it’s inevitable that most everyone will search for ways to reduce household expenses. One expense many people typically consider reducing is their car insurance coverage. READ MORE >>

Why would a person who just turned twenty want to buy life insurance? Why would a young couple with two young children need to have a policy? Is there any reason for a retired person on Social Security to have life insurance? While not everyone who is in a similar situation as described above needs life insurance, most can benefit by having coverage. READ MORE >>

Home renovations are very common during the summer months when homeowners typically have more flexibility in their schedule and contractors can complete projects quickly due to better weather. Although renovating your home is an exciting process, homeowners must be informed about the potential risk to their homeowners insurance. READ MORE >>

Before you can answer the question of how much life insurance you should have, you need to determine the monetary needs of the beneficiary or beneficiaries that are named on your policy. In most cases, people buy life insurance to protect their immediate family. READ MORE >>

With millions of people operating a home-based business, it is surprising to see that nearly 60 percent of these businesses are not protected by business insurance. Slip and falls from delivery men, injuries to customers from product usage and lawsuit settlements from cases in which businesses are negligent happen all the time. READ MORE >>

Tires cost a fair amount of money, which is why many people put off tire replacement for as long as they can. However, these deceptively simple looking technological wonders are what connect your car to the road. They provide the friction force with the pavement that makes steering, braking and acceleration possible. READ MORE >>

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