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Do you have a set time to review your life insurance policy each year? Life insurance is a staple within your family’s financial strategy, so you want to make sure that your policy is in order. The following are things you should review each year to ensure your policy allocation is right. READ MORE >>

Why would a person who just turned twenty want to buy life insurance? Why would a young couple with two young children need to have a policy? Is there any reason for a retired person on Social Security to have life insurance? While not everyone who is in a similar situation as described above needs life insurance, most can benefit by having coverage. READ MORE >>

Before you can answer the question of how much life insurance you should have, you need to determine the monetary needs of the beneficiary or beneficiaries that are named on your policy. In most cases, people buy life insurance to protect their immediate family. READ MORE >>

Thousands, if not millions, of dollars from life insurance policies go unclaimed every year because no one came forward to file a claim. (In such cases, the money typically goes to the state government.) Why does this happen? In many cases, policyholders neglect to tell beneficiaries about the coverage details. READ MORE >>

Do you own a permanent life insurance policy? If so, you may be eligible to borrow or withdraw benefits while you’re alive to help fund illnesses and other major life events. This feature is called living benefits or accelerated death benefits. When you pay your premium, a portion of your money is invested. READ MORE >>

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